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Church Youth Group

We have been blessed with many young people in our fellowship, so come check us out: Our Goal is to grow in our Faith and have fun in the process!

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Great to have you visit our website!   We hope doing so will help you understand a little more about who we are, what we believe and do as a church community at Bucklands Beach.

We are a part of that worldwide community of people called and gathered together by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to serve him and glorify him. We strive to be his presence in today’s world through what we proclaim, teach and do. 
We believe with all our heart, soul, mind and strength that God has chosen and called us in Christ to serve him.  For us worship is not just something restricted to Sundays, what we do in church, but worship embraces all of life.  Christ Jesus is Lord of all of creation at all times.  We strive to reflect this as a community and as its individual members.

Our church, consisting of about 150 adults plus children, draws it members from many of the races and cultures living in this part of Auckland.  While we use English in worship, instruction and fellowship activities, we strive to include and engage non-English speakers as well.  Many of our members have recently arrived from South Africa, Korea, China and South India.  To cater for this, special ‘language assisted’ classes are conducted each week to cater for those who struggle to adjust to the new language and culture of this country.  

We believe the Bible to be the written word of God.  It is the final authority for all that we believe and do.   We are ‘reformed’ in the sense of striving to maintain the truths of the Reformation in the 16th Century.  Our source of authority is the Bible alone.  Salvation comes to us through Christ alone and is received because of God’s grace (another alone!) and becomes a part of our experience by faith alone!

We are Presbyterian (ruled by the locally elected elders) in structure and reformed in what believe.  We therefore teach, defend and promote the reformational truths as summarised in various confessions and catechisms published in Europe and the UK.

There are two worship services each Sunday.  The morning, a time for exhortation and encouragement from God’s word, commences at 10.30am.   The evening service, more focused on instruction, takes place at 6.00pm.

Pastor Ryan Sparks


12/03/2017 - MORNING SERVICE 10:30am - Pastor Ryan Sparks

"God Has Spoken"

(1 Sam 19:18-23; reading: Ps 110:129-144) e face uncertainties of many kinds. Sometimes we lose our confidence. After seven attempts on his life, David turns to the prophets. He hears the word of God spoken clearly. We too need to hear from God. Part 6 in the series: Walking By Faith in the God of David.

EVENING SERVICE 6:00pm Pastor Ryan Sparks

"Doctrine That Works"

(Titus 2:1-14; reading: James 2:14-26) Good theology will bring forth all manner of good works. They two go hand in hand. No fruit, no root. We return to the book of Titus and to the series "Entrusted with the Gospel".
**This is our monthly youth-oriented service with an opportunity for discussion to follow the service.**


Sermons are recorded to mp3 files and not to cassette tape. If you have a computer and internet access, you can download or listen online at the church website, We can provide copies on a USB data stick, a portable music player or on a CD by request - please see one of the sound technicians.

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