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Church Camp

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What can I expect?

What can I expect?
The typical day at church camp has been unchanged for years. It looks something like this:
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Adults singing / study – kids to Kids’ Club
10:00 am Coffee!
12:00 noon Studies & Kids club conclude – lunch
1:00 onwards Free time – options: sports / swimming / adventure activities / chatting in the sun
6:00 pm Dinner
8:15 pm Evening devotion then free time.

Church Camp is a fantastic opportunity for the church to live in community for a week. There is a godly, mature, atmosphere that certainly caters for families – but it also caters for the whole church community – for singles, retirees, young marrieds, solo parents and older youth.

Retired? You’re always welcome!

At the last camp we had a retired couple in our study group – and their presence was just gold! They brought a mature perspective, and seemed genuinely happy to be involved and enjoying camp. There are a group of retired folk who come every year.

Are you more mature in years but unsure about coming? You won’t be on your own! Hitch up that caravan or tent or book a cabin and try it!

Single? You’re Invited!

Does this describe you? You enjoyed youth camp, but it’s not for you anymore. Now you don’t go to any camp. In the past coming to family camp was intimidating – you don’t have kids in tow or a spouse – and what if you were the only person in your situation? You would feel out of place.

Well Church Camp is about everyone in the church community. Interact with those your age – or of a different generation. Meet lots of interesting people from all walks of life from all over NZ. Get the spiritual “shot in the arm” that camps used to give you when you were younger. Come join in the church community for a week – you don’t need a spouse or a family!

New Camper Hints

There are lots of fantastic Christians from all walks of life to meet – but a whole week of meeting new people can be exhausting for some. It’s a good idea to have at least one good friend at camp that you can relax with. So rope your bestie into coming as well.

It’s fine to take some time out if you need it – no one is going to come chasing you because you need a sleep-in or skip a particular activity.

Chat to someone at your church who is familiar with Church Camp beforehand. They can probably answer questions or perhaps you can join their campsite as a base.

The Invitation

Our whole church community is welcome to come to camp. Enjoy the fellowship, the freedom, the sports, the river, the food, the studies, the games, the singing – but most of all the community of believers.

If you do have a family – come!