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11/12/2007 - Added bulletin archive page and link on main page.
11/12/2007 - Updated bulletin upload to copy bulletin to that sundays date to include in archive page
11/12/2007 - Changed most file to use common header and footer. 11/12/2007 - Changed location for includes.
11/12/2007 - Changed sermon and bulletin upload to use ftp.
27/11/2007 - Message on front page live and admin page available.
27/11/2007 - Added Carol service poster.
27/11/2007 - Made Bulletin changes on fromt page to use curremt and previous week pdf names.
22/11/2007 - Added physical address to where are we and contact us pages
19/11/2007 - Made members area live.
16/11/2007 - Changed contact us page to send through parameter to auto populate the select list.