Hamilton Easter Convention - Audio Files

2014 - Rev. Peter Collier - The Prototype of God's Kingdom - Studies in 2 Samuel

Session 1 Sing when you are losing. (2 Samuel 1)
Session 2. Dont miss out. (2 Samuel 2-5).mp3
Session 3. How will you respond when God comes to town. (2 Samuel 6).mp3
Session 4. The most significant promise in history. (2 Samuel 7).mp3
Session 5. What will your fate be. (2 Samuel 8-10).mp3

2013 - Rev. Philip Scheepers - Seeking the Glory of God Among the Nations - Studies in the Book of Acts

Session 1. Commissioned and sent to the nations
Session 2. Courageous community
Session 3. From church to churches..mp3
Session 4. Eternal Word-changing world
Session 5. Speaking across the divide-Sharing the Gospel with followers of other religions
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2012 - Rev. David Schulz - The Holy War, The Battle We All Face

Session 1. Understanding the battle
Session 2. Christ the conquering King
Session 3 .Christ tempted by the devil
Session 4. Christ, our armour in the fight 1
Session 5. Christ, Our armour in the fight 2

2011 - Rev. John Westendorp - Our love affair with Dutch flowers, Studies in the Doctrines of Grace

Session 1. Total... Are we really so bad. Psalm 51.5 and Canons of Dort 3.2 and 3
Session 2 . Election with no strings attached. Ephesians 1.3 to 6 and Canons of Dort 1.7 to 10
Session 3. For whom did Christ really die. John 10. 11 and Canons of Dort 2 . 2 and 8..mp3
Session 4. When resistance is futile. Acts 16.14 and Canons of Dort 3 and 4.11..mp3
Session 5. Once saved always saved. John 10.28 and Canons of Dort 5.3 and 8.

2010 - Simon Manchester - Deep workers in a Shallow World, studies in 2 Corinthians 2:12 to 7:4

Session 1. Triumph and Trouble.
Session 2. We do not lose heart.
Session 3 Resurrection and Reconciliation.
Session 4. A deep worker in a shallow world.
Session 5. Behind the scenes.

2009 - Dr Stephen Voorwinde - How Well Do You Know Jesus? Insight from His Emotions in the Gospels

Session 1 Does God have real feelings
Session 2 The Compassionate King.
Session 3 The Man of Sorrows.
Session 4 The Sympathetic Saviour.
Session 5 The Loving Lord.

2008 - Dr Don Carson - The Triumph and Failure of Reformation and Revival.(Studies in Nehemiah)

Session 1. A Passion for the Promises and the People of God.
Session 2. Never, never, never give up.
Session 3. A Protected and Spiritually Nourished Pilgrim people.
Session . Repentance and Contrition.
Session 5. The Renewal of the Covenant.
Session 6. The Triumph and Failure of Reformation.

2007 - Rev. Martin Geluk - Christian Family

The Submission of Wives to their Husbands and the Love of Husbands to their Wives
Reformation in the Family and Godís Promise to you, your Children and all who are far off
The Influence of a Mother and the Duty of a Father
Separation and Divorce Ė when it is wrong and when it is permissible
Godís Commandments to Flow on from Parents to Children

2006 - Dr J. Renihan - The Humanity of Christí

Session 1. The Word Became Flesh.
Session 2. Jesus And The Spirit.
Session 3. The Richness Of Human Emotion.
Session 4. True Devotion.
Session 5 The Second Man.