Reformed Church of Hamilton

What we believe - The Covenant of Grace

The Reformed faith teaches that Almighty God has entered into a covenant relationship with mankind to save him. That covenant was first made with Adam and Eve in Paradise (Gen.3:15,16), renewed with Noah after the Flood (Gen.9:8-17), and given its definitive form to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3; 15; 17:1-16.

It was further renewed and developed at Sinai, at the time of David, and eventually by Christ himself in fulfilment of the promises recorded in Jer.31. Christ is the mediator of the new covenant (Mt.26:28); new, not in essence, but because under Christ, who came in the fullness of time, the era of promise (referred to in the Scripture as the Old Covenant) has given way to the era of fulfilment (the New Covenant). Sins are now really and definitively done away with, not just by promise (Mt.5:17-20; Rom.3:25f; Heb.10:1-22).

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