The Mainland Regional Youth Club is made up of youth from the various Reformed Churches within the South Island of New Zealand.

The Mainland Regional Youth Committee (MRYC) organise events throughout the year including camps, mid-year events, bible studies, trips and more. In everything we do we aim to encourage and grow in our faith through studying the bible and fellowship with other Christians. We hope that as we grow in faith, we may spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to any and every one.

3rd - 9th Jan 2020 Glentui Meadows, CHCH.

Thanks to everyone of you who made 2020's NYC so fun!

Here's to next time!

That's a wrap! on Labour Weekend Camp 2019!

Thank you!

To everyone who came along and made LWC 2019 so much fun! We'll see you next year!

Meet the Mainland Regional Youth Committee (MRYC)

Michael Holtslag President

Sarah Holtslag

Juliette Posthuma Promotions

Jannie Loots Activites Coordinator

Caleb Van der Pyl

Juliette Stolte

Rachael Persico

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If you would like to speak with us please phone: 0221670559

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