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Our Vision

About Our Vision

1. Christians worshiping faithfully and advancing God’s kingdom.

These could be achieved by:

  • encouraging faithful church attendance;
  • encouraging personal bible study/ devotional/ prayer life;
  • encouraging participation in fellowship groups;
  • enabling people to discover their gifts for service;
  • people using their gifts serving in Christ’s kingdom; and
  • equipping and training members to share their faith

So what are the practical things that need doing to ensure that we are faithfully advancing Gods kingdom? All the above ideas are necessary but the key one is the second, where the session will encourage personal bible study, devotional and prayer life. We do not plan to bombard everyone with activities or tasks. The main means we use is the preaching of the word each Sunday and other activities currently operating. However we will be encouraging the congregation through assisting in establishing daily bible reading and personal prayer, use of the library (reading of good books), and attendance of a prayer meeting. The fellowship groups are a great place to encourage these activities in our personal life, and we would like to see more fellowship groups operating. Further encouragement is to be made by the sharing of hospitality amongst the congregational members.

Gifts: Do you know what your gift is for serving in Gods kingdom?
We plan to quietly work with people to establish what their gifts maybe. Finally we have completed some training on sharing our faith, we will encourage more of this.

2. Ministries that are gospel focused and/or outreach driven.

  • working with the leaders of all the ministries to focus their activities on the gospel and frequently reminding them of this;
  • equipping and training members to share their faith.

This means that we must not set ourselves up in activities that are solely focused on our own welfare. We must ensure that each activity has an out reach element in it. Using for example the men’s fellowship, this cannot be an activity that is for all of the men of the church only to have a good time together. We must be able to also bring non-Christian men to the group. Another example could be Sunday school; where there is a need to remember that the Gospel is part of the role of the class. Teachers need to remember that children (even if they are convenient children) need to hear the Gospel and be challenged by it. As in Vision Statement 1 we will ensure that there is more training on sharing our faith. It always follows that people that are working diligently and growing is their walk with God will have a greater desire to share their faith.

3. To be continually training leaders.

  • positioning the minister as teaching elder;
  • instituting an alternative chairman of session;
  • different people taking responsibility for different tasks, rather than one leader being responsible for everything; and
  • development of new leaders.

This is an important part of the leadership of the church and also for growing the future leadership. The minister needs time to be the teaching elder of this church, therefore he needs to be freed from activities that limit his time to prepare for that teaching role, of which an important part the preaching of the word twice on Sunday.
The session has been criticised for doing everything – not sharing the task of leading. There are two aspects to this.

  1. Session members need to ensure that they are the leaders in the church, so therefore they should be active on session work and outside session.
  2. We must encourage those outside session on establishing their gifts, to lead where required.

A big part of developing leaders is to ensure that the current leadership mentors people. Further there is a need to stop the practice of placing everything before session for approval – sure some things require this, but when some one is appointed into a leadership role, delegation goes with it, the session needs to monitor not control.
As part of leadership, we believe that all activities should be done in teams. The session should be a team of leaders, not a leadership team. For example fellowship groups should have a second leader in training, all activities should attempt to have team leadership.

4. A church caring for the needy in the church and the community.

  • caring for the needy in our church; and
  • getting to know the community;
  • targeting the needy in the valley
  • setting up a needs- and mercy-based ministry.

Caring for the needy in our church is important. As John 13:35 says “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” This is primarily the task of the deacons, but we need to remember that we are all deacons. The next 3 points are not easy tasks. Getting to know our community, finding out their needs and setting up community-based ministries are going to be taxing. Some are currently setting up Mainly Music, which is targeted at children and mothers in the area. On reading a book on the subject of mercy ministries (written by a minister who has ministered a church with several mercy based ministries) has established that these ministries are bottom driven, rather than leadership (session) driven. Again establishing our gifts, the session has a responsibility to encourage and assist members who wish to establish one of these ministries.

5. Having the facilities to meet the needs of all the ministries of the church.

  • over the next twelve months planning for the future needs of the church facilities; and
  • building the possible required additional facilities in the next 5 years.

At the last congregational meeting permission was given to the Board of Management to design the future building needs of the church. It is the vision of the session that we put in place these plans in 5 years.

6. Church plants on the North Shore and Northland.

  • establishing fellowship groups in potential church planting areas;
  • looking out for ministers to call who can lead a church plant;
  • planting a church at the Hibiscus Coast; and
  • planting churches on the North Shore and in Northland where God shows us opportunities.

Little needs to be said about this, as it is self explicitly. However we need to keep our eye on the ball and be thinking about church planting.